IT & Telecommunications

Maintaining a computing and telecommunications system is critical to the day to day operation of Nebraska Public Power District.

As part of the ITT Team, you will:

  • Develop computer programs.
  • Help employees solve problems with their computer hardware and software.
  • Ensure NPPD’s computer and telecommunications processes and equipment stay current with cutting edge technology.
  • Install and maintain microwave equipment and fiber optics for our own state-wide communication system.
  • Identify innovative ways to enhance business operations using technology.

  • You'll also need to:

  • Have good communication skills.
  • Manage multiple assignments.
  • Be able to work independently or under limited direction.
  • Understand customer needs and visualize how computers can be used to address them.
  • Understand complex processes and sequences.

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    Disclaimer: The qualifications listed are general for reference purposes and may be clarified/changed from time-to-time depending on business needs.